2024-25 Curling Season - Registration is now open!

The 2024-25 curling season begins with practice ice available the week of Oct. 28, 2024.
We will have a full calendar that will include various leagues 6 days week, Tag Draws, Learn to Curl programs, Rookie League, Ice Rentals, Interclub draws, Bonspiels, Clinics and more!
Our big Championship Day is scheduled for April 12th, 2025.

New Curlers - we have a Learn to Curl program that is a great way to learn to game! Click on the Learn to Curl tab at the top for more details.
For inquiries about curling this season, please contact [email protected].


Early Bird pricing is now open for the 2024-25 season!
Sign up for the upcoming season by clicking the drop down menu "Registration" and then choosing "Register to the club" or click here!

Membership Fees

Curling Categories                                  Annual Dues          Early Bird Pricing - before July 15!
Unrestricted Curler                                          $699                                       $649
Once A Week Curler/Spouse                          $599                                       $549
Golfer/Curler                                                    $400                                        $350
Junior Curler (ages 18 and under)                 $150 

All fees are subject to HST.
Fees exclude CurlOn association dues ($20 per curler)
$100 deposit (non-refundable, applied to dues) is required by the July 15th deadline to earn early bird pricing, charged to member statements.
Remaining b
alance to be charged on the September statements for both new and renewing members.

Current and Returning/Former Members

Anyone who was registered as a member in any previous year must first sign in at the top right of this page with their email and password before registering for the new season. If you don't remember your password click the "forgot your password" text below the sign in button. You can also email us for your login credentials.


All current, new and returning former members who register for the 24-25 curling season will be billed on their September statement, which will be received at the beginning of October. New members who complete their registration after September 23rd will be billed on the next possible monthly statement, but regardless of join date payment in full must be made before you will be permitted on the ice. 

OGCC will be following Federal, Provincial and Regional guidelines as well as recommendations from Curl ON when setting protocols for participating in curling. This will dictate our actions should any closures or cancellations be required. Please note, members are responsible for the full annual dues after October 1st regardless of any cancellations or closures. The club is committing to our members the funds necessary to put the ice in and run curling for this season; in return we ask for the commitment from members to cover the costs to do so.

Auto-renewal Policy

Please note, your membership will automatically renew to the appropriate member category based on your 2023-24 category and billed on your September statement regardless of whether or not you register for any leagues. Any changes to your membership category or status must be made in writing and sent via email, or mail, before October 1st or you will be responsible for the full annual dues. 

If you decide to join curling at OGCC for the 2024-25 season after resigning, or after October 1st, there is no penalty or fee to register late, or re-register, but depending on the timing and how close it is to the start of the season you may not be entered into the first draw schedule. We will do our best to accommodate everyone, but it can be challenging to keep changing teams and schedules last minute. Should we be unable to enter you for the first draw you will be able to spare that draw and be on a team/schedule for the second draw assuming the league is not beyond capacity. 

League Management

If you are planning to join a team entry league and need a member for your team, or if you are an individual that would like to play in a team entry league, but does not have a team, please email the curling department so that we can match up teams with individuals. 

Please note, while we have many contingency plans in place to address any capacity issues, it is possible that a league may be oversubscribed. Should that be the case any returning league members who register by August 23rd will have guaranteed spots in the same league. Remaining spots will then be filled on a first come first served basis based on the date and time registrations were completed. For a team to hold their spot in a team entry league only one member of the team needs to have registered by August 23rd, but all team members need to pay their fees by October 1st or they may lose their place in the league. For brand new leagues spots will be given first come first serve. 

Please let us know if you have any questions.