Given the unexpected and abrupt end to our season each league has left over prize funds and some have funds from 50/50 raffles as well. Please find the name(s) of the league(s) you belong to below for details on how your league is handling their own prize fund. 

Monday & Thursday Morning Men 

We used the final position of all individuals, in each of the schedules, based on their normal playing position. These are not actual teams, but are the outstanding players of the season! Funds will be awarded in Food & Beverage credit.


                        Monday - $20                      Thursday - $20                    Overall - $25

      Skip          Richard Snowden                 Vern Mossey                   Richard Snowden  

      Vice          Bob Manol                            Don Anderson                 Paul Hurley

      Second    Ted Dionne                            Ted Dionne                      Ted Dionne   

      Lead         Peter MacDonald                 Wayne Proctor               Peter MacDonald       League ROOKIES!!


Monday & Thursday Afternoon Ladies

Remaining funds will be carried over to next season.

Monday Evening Men 

Remaining funds will be carried over to next season.

Tuesday Open Competitive

Each division draw winner for each of the three draws will receive $80 in food and beverage credit per team. No draw four winners will be named.

Draw 1 Division winners: A: Noakes, B: Morison, C: Fischer
Draw 2 Division winners: A: Sansom, B: Kiraly, C: Pilkey
Draw 3 Division winners: A: Sansom, B: Turcotte, C: Leblanc

Wednesday Afternoon Open

Remaining funds will be carried over to next season.

Wednesday Evening Ladies

Remaining funds will be carried over to next season.

Thursday Mixed Doubles

Prize funds will be handed out based on standings for the whole year:

1st place - Dave Boyes and Lynne Plamondon-Long - $ 60 each
2nd place - Janet Lindsay and Kent Cochrane - $ 36 each
3rd place - Bob and Kristin Turcotte - $ 24 each

Friday Skips Choice

Unspent Prize Fund will be carried forward to the 2020-21 season - $240 has been already given to draw 1/2/3 winners.  $520 of 50/50 revenue will be refunded to the 52 players on the team listing for the 4th draw - ie. $10 each in club Food & Beverage credits.

Friday Night Mixed

Prize money payouts for the first 2 draws were made to 4 teams at $80 per team for a total of $320. The remaining amount for the this draw $160 and the playoff winners and runners up of $250 plus the 50/50 revenue for the last draw will be carried over to next year.


Please contact Jackie if you have any questions or concerns. 

Last updated: April 1, 2020