OGCC COVID-19 & Curling - Updated September 29th (changes in red)

We can now confirm that members are permitted to play in as many leagues as they like. People can also be members at more than one club. We will be updating our OGCC COVID-19 DRAFT Curling Policies and Rules to reflect the updates on this page that have been posted since the document was created in early August. We will also be updating this policy document to cover practice time, rentals & bonspiels. 

We posted a video in early August to help members understand the procedures for curling this coming season. Please note a few things have changed since this video was produced. We will update it as soon as we have ice inClick here to view

Check out this video from Alberta showing how we will be able to keep our distance on the ice while curling: https://youtu.be/Y_KjKuUDbxQ

Restaurant hours: On September 25th the Provincial Government announced new regulations for restaurants and bars prohibiting the sale of alcohol after 11pm and requiring them to close by 12am. Unfortunately this means that for most 9:30pm games teams will not be able to socialize after their game. 

Spares and Five Person Teams

At this time each draw will be it's own league and each league is limited to 50 people. To ensure we can accommodate five person teams and allow for spares we will ensure that each leage is limited to six teams. This means that a league that traditionally operates as a 12 team league, such as Monday Night Men's, will be split into two six team leagues. Please remember that we are using the word league in place of draw or division. We are looking at ways to mitigate the scoring implications of defaults to help manage the challenges associated with no spare list.

Other Frequently Asked Questions

  • Drinks: As you will only be able to sit with your own team post-game we are asking curlers to dispense with the normal custom of the winning team buying a round of drinks for the losing team this season
  • Hogged rocks: Should a rock stop short of the hog line the person delivering the rock does not need to travel down the ice to put the rock in the back of the house. The sweeper can remove the rock from play using only their foot/broom.
  • Takeouts: If a delivered stone puts several stones in motion at a high rate of speed the skips behind the house will be responsible for assisting the sweeper to prevent the rocks from careening into the neighbouring sheets of play while maintaing as much social distance as possible. 

  • Masks: Per the Curl ON and Provincial guidelines masks are required throughout the club and until you arrive at your sheet to play at which time you may remove your mask during your game; though we do strongly recommend that you keep your mask on at all times. We will have high performance masks available for purchase in the Pro Shop.

  • What will happen if the club has to close: We will be following Federal, Provincial and Regional guidelines as well as recommendations from Curl ON all season. That will dictate our actions should there be any closures or cancellations required. Please note, members are responsible for the full annual dues after October 1st regardless of any cancellations or closures. The club is committing to our members the funds necessary to put the ice in and run curling for this season; in return we ask for the commitment from members to cover the costs to do so. 

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