Teams have been divided into A or B division.  Divisions will rotate early late for draws, the schedule has been fixed to show this.  There are 9 Teams in B division now.  Please check your team for when you have a BYE. 

We ask that no Teams go out to the ice surface or backboards for the second draw until your ice has been prepared and the score has been taken down.  Jim and Scott need to be able to prepare the ice quickly and safely.     

After first round robin draw the bottom 2 teams in A will drop to B and winning 2 teams from B will advance to A for Draw 2.  

Debbie Fischer - Curling Coodinator      


Upcoming games - November 28

B8 - . UOIT Women B5 - A. Brett 06:30 PM Sheet 2
B7 - S. Oyagi B9 - D. Ayotte 06:30 PM Sheet 3
B2 - M. Gibbens B4 - B. Paterson 06:30 PM Sheet 4
B1 - C. Morison B3 - A. McCallum 06:30 PM Sheet 5
A3 - J. Cushnie A1 - K. Cochrane 08:30 PM Sheet 2
A8 - A. Kelcey A5 - T. Tilling 08:30 PM Sheet 3
A2 - . UOIT Men A4 - R. Prince 08:30 PM Sheet 4
A7 - D. Black A6 - L. Kiraly 08:30 PM Sheet 5

BYE / No Game

Day Recap - November 21

On Fire!
Hot Streak Stopped!
Back On Track!